National Finals - At A Glance Calendar 2016

Sunday 14th August
Open Fours 1st Round 09.30
Open Fours 2nd Round 14.30
Senior Singles 1st Round 09.30
Senior Singles 2nd Round 12.30
Half U25 Singles 1st Round 12.30
Half U25 Singles 2nd Round 15.00
Monday 15th August
Triples 1st Round 09.30
Triples 2nd Round 14.30
U18 Singles 1st Round 09.30
U18 Singles 2nd Round 12.00
U18 Singles Semi-Finals 15.30
Senior Singles Semi-Final 13.30
Senior Singles Final 16.00
Tuesday 16th August
Senior Fours 1st Round 09.30
Senior Fours 2nd Round 14.30
Open Singles 1st Round 09.30
Open Singles 2nd Round 12.00
Open Singles 3rd Round 15.30
Half U25 Singles 1st Round 13.30
Half U25 Singles 2nd Round 16.00
Wednesday 17th August
Open Pairs 1st Round 09.30
Open Pairs 2nd Round 14.30
Senior Pairs 1st Round 09.30
Senior Pairs 2nd Round 14.30
Open Singles Final 14.30
Thursday 18th August
Open Fours Semi-Finals 09.30
Open Fours Final 14.30
Senior Fours Semi-Finals 09.30
Senior Fours Final 14.30
U25 Singles Semi-Finals 10.30
U25 Singles Final 14.30
Friday 19th August
U18 Singles Final 14.30
Open Pairs Semi-Finals 09.30
Open Pairs Final 14.30
Triples Semi-Finals 09.30
Triples Final 14.30
Senior Pairs Semi-Finals 09.30
Senior Pairs Final 14.30
Due to numerous duplications, some events could be rescheduled.